Life in the theater is always lively and fun; anything can happen under your watch. Let me explain. You have a different production every so often with a new cast and director, and their needs vary. You are on alert. You might be called upon to do any job, or almost any job. A behind-the-scenes worker or volunteer is not going to be asked to replace an actor. Ha! He or she might be asked to drive some old set pieces or props that are to be on loan to another theater. Recycling is common in the performing arts. It is not always a high-profit business. It seems like a pain to transport backdrops and such. Why don’t they come and get them if they have the privilege of using them. Here’s why. In exchange for the favor, and the trouble involved, they have agreed to make a donation to support the Rialto Arts Center. They recognize the value of good relations with a fellow theater. Who would turn this opportunity down? Not me. I would be willing to make the short jaunt. Everyone else was super busy rehearsing and working on costumes.

The theater rents a truck for hauling sets and it was available; but the props needed that day were rather small. I could drive them over just by stashing them in my backpack. There would be plenty of room if I just took my laptop out. The rest of the set would go later with another driver. The last time he made a delivery, the truck broke down and I feared the worst. It was time for some service. My car was in tiptop shape so I got to my destination in plenty of time. I have the best backpack for business travel, because my work takes me to a lot of places, and I like to use it when I’m doing things for the theater as well. I opened my backpack and placed the props on a table on the side of the stage where they would not go unnoticed. The director came over promptly and thanked me profusely as it would save him a great deal of time searching for similar items. He would send his assistant to the Rialto when his production was over. It was a cordial exchange.

I always carry my backpack as you never know when you will need it. If I go on a trip, I am already packed. If I visit a backer of the theater, I am well prepared. I tote materials about the upcoming shows to give out in person. Donors should not have things mailed. In person contact solidifies the relationship and this kind of public relations is part of my job. I am a one-man promoter and development manager. The good news is that there seems time to do everything if I hustle. I can leave the theater when necessary and preparations for the next event in progress will go smoothly in my absence. I can be a courier on demand. My work entails many other projects giving my life a dynamic quality.