Since I am the director of a local arts center, life indeed for me is a stage. I wouldn’t have it any other way and most days are far from dramatic. I am found most days in the community Rialto Arts Center. I seldom take a day off when there is an exhibition or theater production in progress. It takes a lot of rehearsal time and setting up lighting. I love seeing something creative come alive. The talent in our small area is extraordinary. I am proud to be part of the process and to impart quality experiences to the public. We have over time converted many a stay-at-home soul. I hope we continue to enrich their newfound cultural lives. I know that it has done this for me. It is all about exposure and encountering new aspects of the artistic world. Anything and everything is possible if you open your mind.

While this is my true passion, I admit it out loud, I also have a few hobbies and pastimes. You might expect my free time to be spent reading plays, watching old films of famous pieces, or taking singing or dance lessons. There are always new acting techniques to learn. While I might well want to do all of these, I don’t. I am limited to a game or two of basketball on the weekends due to a lack of spare time.

Basketball is a real workout and it takes time to adapt and get in shape. Once you are there, anything is possible. You can make many more baskets than you expected. It is a proud day when you beat your last score. Once in a while I get a tweak of pain in my knee from an old injury when I was acting on stage. Believe it or not, this novice fell off. The lights were dim and I was moving toward what I thought was my mark. There was even a piece of blue tape there. It didn’t help because it was just too dark. I couldn’t even see one face in the audience. Only afterward when I was on the ground did I spot a few expressions of horror. So now I wear a knee sleeve designed for basketball which is an elastic compression brace that helps my stability while dribbling and jumping. I couldn’t do without it. Maybe someday it will come off.

It is my favorite spectator sport and I play the best that I can. I found some fellow team members and we have a rip roarin’ time. It means we like to socialize during and after a game, and have a drink to finish the day. We all find it great exercise no matter how well or poorly we play. I prefer it any day to the boredom of lifting weights in the gym. I have to stay fit for my work as it takes a lot of agility sometimes.